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プロ名鑑 ビリヤードウォーカー ビリヲカ

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Personal Records*based on the results of the final round
AllYears 2019 2018
Win 38 7 15
Lose 63 5 24
WinRatio 0.3762 0.5833 0.3846
WinRatio on HillToHill 0.4706(8/17) 0.7500(3/4) 0.5714(4/7)
Oponent who was beated by most vs Rika MIYAMOTO(3) vs Manami Fujita(2) vs Rika MIYAMOTO(2)
Oponent who beated most vs Chihiro KAWAHARA(6) vs Makiko TAKAGI(1) vs Kana GOTOUDA(3)
JPBA rankings from for the past 10 yearsAs of the end of 2018 season

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