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2016 All Japan Championship Website Lists



It's modified from 2015 Ver. at 17. Nov. 2016

It's made the highest peak tournament in the pocket billiards, and this competition of "the 49th All Japan Championship which is also the international opening round which a strong contestant of the world gathers has started from November 17.

There is a place in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Pref, Japan "Archaic hall Octo" (Hanshin Amagasaki station, 5~10 minutes on foot)


A list of website related to All Japan Championship.

Tournament offiial facebook・・・https://www.facebook.com/alljalanjpba/

Tournament LIVE USTREAM(19~23 Nov.)・・・http://www.ustream.tv/channel/jpba-west  ※It's also in a lower berth of this page.

LIVE Score・・・http://billiards-scoring.appspot.com/show/onthehill

Time Schedule・・・http://jpba.ne.jp/wp/info/info-8934/

Official TWITTER・・・ @AllJapanJPBA

Japan Professional Pocket Billiard Association(JPBA)・・・http://www.jpba.ne.jp/

The meet outline・The previous champions・・・https://billi-walker.jp/bwdictionary/index.php/20071006043818425

Article by a reporter 1 On the hill!・・・http://www.onthehill.jp/

Article by a reporter 2 Billiards Days・・・http://www.billiards-days.com/

Article by a reporter 3 WEB CUE'S(Japanese Billiards Magazine)・・・http://www.billiards-cues.jp/

The website it's possible to check player's record where・・・https://billi-walker.jp/en/staticpages/index.php/pro

JPBA Ladies Official Fan Club Q-Club facebook(Ladies Special Photograph Collection)・・・https://www.facebook.com/qclubbilliards/ 

Good Luck!

Much ahead of the link is using Japanese. Unfortunately, I can't translate that.

I'm sorry, but it isn't able to answer your question for me during This tournamen
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